Ugly was born in 2016 in the city of Barcelona, like a trans-disciplinary team that uses graphic design to create. The collaboration with different agents in all our projects allows us to destroy the borders among different disciplines and execute very different projects. Some of them come from a specific order and others come directly from the team to materialize intentions and ways of thinking.



Georgina Asunción Guasch (co-founder and graphic designer)

In 2017 Georgina finished her studies in graphic design and audiovisuals in Bau, Centro Universiatario de Diseño de Barcelona. During the period of 2015 to 2017 she did diverse jobs as a freelance designer for Device, Comité Studio, The Others and Grupo Planeta.

"As a designer I have always been keen to investigate between the duality of the ugly and the beautiful, without assuming at the beginning what is ugly and what is beautiful, questioning the bases of design itself"


Gemma Peña Ferrer (co-founder and graphic designer)

In 2016 Gemma finished her studies in graphic design and visual communication at BAU. During the end of the same year, she took a course about the coordination of cultural activities and exhibition curating at the Escuela de Artes, Madrid. During 2017, Gemma did a postgraduate course in the Theory of Contemporary Art in the UOC. Currently, she is taking a master in Investigation and Experimentation in design at BAU.

"I’m interested in those projects that do not fall under just one category or discipline. The capacity of these to go through the limit of art and design, and also between the theory and the practice" 


Nicolas Barreto (graphic designer)

I’m interested in the unavoidable conflict between the designer’s intention of making a universally understandable message and the impossibility of this universal experience due to the cultural and contextual specificities of each viewer.



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