#cultural event #investigation #art direction

Client: Carla Boserman

Original concept: Carla Boserman

Art direction: Ugly Studio

Graphic design: Ugly Studio

Text: Carla Boserman

Printed in: Verdi y Pressing

Special thanks: Hangar

It is a sphere of unstable knowledge[1].

It is a contradiction fit to live in.

Excellence in research on art and design is sought beyond academy.

These excellences are barbarian in a double meaning: foreign, strange or brutal, but also magnificent, astonishing and remarkable.

This is a question about rigorous forms in creative research; a question that shifts between the ritual and the discipline, between the experiment and the experience, between singular and standardized forms.


1 The curator Emily Pethick outlines the notion of  “unstable knowledge “. It is a form of knowledge made of different points of view and conflict zones. In Pethick’s words, it is a knowledge that  “did not rest with a singular viewpoint, but contained many differing, and often conflictual, perspectives “ (Pethick, 2009).


Pethick, E. (2009). Interview with Emily Pethick. On the institution as a site for artistic collaboration and production. In Ericson, M., Frostner, M., Keys, Z., Teleman, S.,Williamsson, J. (Eds.), The Reader: Iaspis forum on design and critical practice (295-313). Berlin: Sternberg Press.