#art direction #fashion

Client: Alejandra Mata

Original concept: Ugly Studio

Art direction: Ugly Studio, Pablo de Pastors

Graphic design: Ugly Studio, Albert Perez

Photographer: Pablo de Pastors

Asistente foto: Carlota Delgado

MUA: Ana Sanchez

Modelos: Tessa Rose, Yorgary

Inspired by the act of piercing, there’s a rawness inherent in every piece. And yet each possesses a certain refinement, blurring the line between the traditional and the transgressive. 


There is a duality at play also when considering structure and composition. Much like with those perception games where depending on how you look at the image you see two very different figures, the way the creation of space is considered in these pieces is in essence the search for the void as positive space. 


Form is distilled down to its function, edited until nothing can be removed, and to the function meaning is added by celebrating its form, altogether becoming a way of decorating, embellishing the pieces by an act of not removal rather than of addition. This is particularly noticeable in my ring designs, where matter is removed to add value; and in the necklaces, where locks are the main focus of the jewellery. 


Through my work I bring attention to the fact that what sometimes may appear to be conflicting qualities, are actually two sides of the same coin; where the limits, edges and borders between them create a space for one to become the other. 


With such a vivid duality at work, there is an interactive playfulness throughout the entire collection. The standard push-on earring back is re-formed into a ball, allowing the earrings to be worn in reverse as well as carrying through the piercing aesthetic. This versatility and adaptability is not just expressed through this distinct action of reversal; most pieces in the collection interact and amalgamate as a modular system. Many of the earrings are comprised of detachable rings in various sizes whereas the necklaces combine to make body harnesses.